Ketones are chemical intermediates, which are fundamental starters in the production of active pharmaceutical and agro active principles, or as intermediates in the production of aroma chemicals. While for all those end-uses ketones are part of complex formulations in other sectors – i.e. photography, lithography, coatings – they are successfully used as such, or blended with other co-solvents. Thanks to the flexibility of its production units Caffaro Industrie S.p.A. is also prepared to grant customers with tailor made products to be based on special sales technical specifications.

The ketones we are currently producing are:

  • Cyclopentanone
  • Propiophenone
  • Cyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone
  • Dicyclohexyl Ketone
  • Isobutyrophenone
  • Diethyl Ketone
  • Paramethyl Propiophenone