Online the new website of I.C.P. SpA

Caffaro Green Chemicals Srl is the new website of I.C.P. SpA, now online. The company is 100% controlled by Bertolini Dott. Gustavo Srl and it is a manufacturer of plastic PVC compounds.

I.C.P SpA was born in 2015 and it follows Bertolini Divisione Elastomeri SpA, previously acquired in 2004 by the Bertolini Group as Metalplast Compound SpA.

The annual production is 16,000 tons per year, but in the short term a well structured program will expand and strengthen the entire production structure to increase company’s production to 20,000 tons per year.

An essential, dynamic and responsive design characterizes the website, whose priority is to present company’s activities and services. History, production, products, logistics, certifications, news and contacts are the main pages of the the site map. Particular attention is due to applications of plasticized PVC compound and to the company’s certifications, that assure I.C.P. quality and experience.